Remember how last week I shared a new tradition with you and temporarily named it Friday Surprise?

Well I’m so happy to share that we have a name that feels just right!!!

Have your ever felt like your creativity has just run off and you can’t imagine it coming back? If you’ve ever felt that way you’re not alone. I’ve struggled with this and so have many of my friends.

The good news is I can help us take a step towards breaking our creative blocks. And that’s where the weekly Creative Spark comes in!!!

Our Friday Surprise is now our weekly Creative Spark!!!! It will take place here every Friday.

I’ll be sharing design files along with some tips and tutorials to help get us out of our creative blocks and take small steps towards our finding our creative voices again.

Here’s our first official Creative Spark! It’s a design file that is perfect for journaling, scrapbooking and adding in as tip-ins for our planners.

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Creative Spark for March 15, 2019 : Download

Included in the files is a PNG file with all black shapes that you can use to create your cutlines in Silhouette Studio very easily. If you don’t have a cutting machine don’t worry you can still use a pair of scissors or a cutting tool you have on hand.

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I challenge you to take this design file and make it your own by customizing it

Here are just a few ways you can make it yours:

  • Color it: Get your favorite markers, paint or pencils and add some color to your print outs. I went with some metallic water colors on one of my prints.
  • Layer it: If you’ve got a design program like Photoshop, or Silhouette Studio you can digitally add some text to the top of the design file. Just be sure that when you go to cut in Silhouette you select NO CUT for your type or your machine will cut that out too. You can also add some hand lettering on top of the print.
  • Change your Paper: Try printing on different colored papers, paper weights and paper types.
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I printed all of my copies on white card stock but you can use different colored paper, different paper weight, or even sticker paper. Just have fun!

I hope this helps jumpstart your creativity for the weekend ahead. And may your weekend be filled with lots of rest and time to do the things that make you happy!

Have a wonderful weekend friend!

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©2019 Sophia Gaudi. Files + Prints are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!