Hey! You’re back!

Well I’m glad because I’ve got a new page of stickers to share with you!!! I can’t believe it but we’re so close to 1/10th of the project!!!

Thanks so much for supporting me on my journey. I’m very fortunate to have friends like you to cheer me on, and I believe this year we’ll make it to day 100. We should have a pizza party on Day 100, right?????


Day 09/100 : Download

These little stickers are giving me all the feels today. I couldn’t wait to use them so I add them into my Magical Morning insert. I layered them on top of some images and added text stickers on top.

Well I’m off to binge watch GOT before the new season starts so If you need me that’s where I’ll be.

And if you’re loving 100 Days of stickers, feel free to send the link of your favorites to your friends so they can download their favorites and grow their sticker collection too. Friends don’t let friends miss out on new stickers!

See you for Day 10 of 100 Days of Stickers,

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