Now that I’m almost halfway thru this project I think I really should have made a prompt list to follow.
When I am starting a new day’s page sometimes I stare at the blank screen a while.
There are some days that an idea arrives and I get to work and other days where I am just sitting here thinking and thinking.

And it’s not so much that I don’t have an idea but that I can’t settle on one to move forward with.
I really need to work on my decisions making.
Do you hesitate making a decision or are you a decision making master?

Then when I realize I’ve been sitting at my desk for over an hour and I still don’t have a thing on my page.
Today I’ve settled on something simple and went with it.
I’m not sure if this will happen tomorrow (I hope it does).

Today’s page is inspired by the fact that life doesn’t always go as planned.


Day 47/100 : Download

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