We’re slowly but surely making our way to day 100!

I’ve had a wonderful morning because I received so many messages from friends sharing their excitement about my shop reopening.
So thankful for all the love and support.
I’ve got lots of plans and ideas and I’m living the dream by getting to share them with you.

I think it’s safe to say we all love the Print + Share sheet so I did another one for today.
This time I did one design on 4 mini sheets and another on the other four.

You know I had a thought yesterday after I shared the page for day 50.
We can color in the stickers before we share them to friends.
I think it adds a nice personalized touch.


Day 51/100 : Download

Friends don’t let friends miss out on new stickers! If you are loving 100 Days of stickers, share the link of your favorites with your friends so they can download their favorites and grow their sticker collection too.

See you for Day 52 of 100 Days of Stickers,

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