It’s a big day sharing a new Sneak Peek Wednesday and working on my shop re-opening extravaganza! I’ll share more on the reopening soon BUT FIRST….

I’ve been doing a lot of designing, behind the scenes work on the site and sooooo much thinking. As soon as I get something designed it sparks so many more ideas of things that I can design and share with you.

I am a big lover of things. I love so many things but I am not going to list them all here and overwhelm you. I will say that I love designing and drawing. Creating and sharing things that my friends and family can use sets my soul on fire.

A long long time ago I was an architecture undergrad student and I struggled so much with creating graphics and design elements for my projects. I wanted to be an architect but had not taken any art courses in high school so I struggled so much for the first few years. I had a story to tell in my projects and presentation boards but I couldn’t make my ideas and designs come alive. Those were the hardest four years of my life!

I was blessed with a dad who believed in investing in my future and giving me the tools I needed to pursue my dreams and I was able to study graphic design after I graduated architecture school. Those two years were life changing!

I learned all about loving colors, creating graphics and design elements. Most importantly I was able to bring all the things I imagined to life. I thought that was my favorite part until we got to work with clients. I didn’t think I was going to love that as much as I did.

Since then I have loved drawing and sharing my work with those who struggled like I did with having the designs they dreamed about. I told you before it sets my soul on fire! If my designs can help just one person find a voice for their dreams or discover their creative side my heart is full.

That’s what inspired the creation of Design Resources. I’ll be adding to the collection from time to time. They will all be available under Design Resources here on the blog. My hope is that this collection grows and you have the tools you need to create.

To get us started I took one of the illustrations from today’s Sneak Peek and created high resolution images that you can download and print. Use them to jot down notes, add to your journaling or use them in your digital projects.

The link to download them is below. There are 4 color palettes, so 21 colors all together. You can download them all or just your favorite color palettes.

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I love seeing my designs living their best life and inspiring your creativity to run wild, so don’t forget to tag me (@sophiagaudi) in any social media posts using them.

These images are sized perfectly to use with Instagram Stories. Layer in text, photos or gifs and make your stories pop.

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Thanks for making it all the way here, I know this has been a long post.
Now I know you may be asking, “Sophia, what about the shop re-opening?”

Drumroll please! The shop will be reopening on March 6th, 2020!!!!
I’ll be sharing more sneak peeks between now and then. If you missed the last two don’t worry Sneak Peeks live in a gallery you can access all the time. You can find it here.

I’m also working on a little behind the scenes access but it’s not where I want it to be just yet so I’ll share more details on that next week.

I really hope you are as excited as I am about this new addition and the shop re-opening. Thanks so much for all your love and support.

Let your creativity run wild!

With love,

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