A new Sneak Peek Wednesday is here!!!!

Gosh it has been a minute since I shared a new Sneak Peek. You may be aware I took some time off to finish the creation of my dream project, Creative Soul Wild Heart.

Creative Soul Wild Heart is a creative playground and community where we can come together to cultivate our imaginations and nurture our creativity, so that we can enrich our lives and those we share our lives with. A space where we can be fearless, forever curious, love with a wild heart and to let our creativity run wild.

If this is your first Sneak Peek, Welcome!!! I share a FREE printable every Wednesday so you can get an exclusive look at what I am working on designing and adding to the shop or Creative Soul Wild Heart.

The Sneak Peek for this week is part of a small group of printable files that I will be adding the Creative Soul Wild Heart in one of the three printable libraries, the Designer Files.

This week’s Sneak Peek is inspired by my new Nightly Home Reset routine. I recently found Blair Lamb Design on Instagram and her Nightly Home Reset Guide. I was in the process of making notes of what my ideal morning would be like and the things I need to do the night before to ensure that happened. So of course I needed some new paper and cards to write it all down so I designed some journaling cards and note pages to keep track and plan out my routine.

Here’s a look at the Night Routine tracker note page.


Sneak Peek Wednesday | 09.09.2020

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I’ll be adding the print files in the color palette collection as well as a few more note page designs and journaling cards to CSWH this week.

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Thanks for joining me! See you soon.

Let your creativity run wild!

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